I was concerned on a few reviews I saw but overall was good. Only lasted 3 months. Accurate and easy to use. Все для вашего бизнеса, быта и отдыха! Give the thermometer an A+ on how it’s built. This is a great thermometer. It measures the temperature pretty well, is easy to use, and the display temperature stabilizes quickly. This is a very good instant read thermometer. It’s really accurate and fast. An unadvertised useful feature is the use of two black rubber pads on the bottom to prevent the unit from sliding when placed on a smooth surface. Worked as advertised when cooking chicken. When it worked it was decent! Not going to hassle with finding a working battery when the original dies. Very satisfied. Just as described, a little longer probe would be good but it does the job, just the same. PROTECH Vertical 4' x 8" Utility Pouch - TP19A. Q: I cannot get the screw out to install the battery. Very unfortunate as I feel a device like this should be able to withstand something like this. Water proof makes cleaning a cinch. Huge well lit numbers. The needle has a nice stiff movement feel to it so it stays put for easy temp reads. This handy little pen works great. This guy is well made, easy to use, and I like the details like the narrow pointer and auto-flip display. This unit is mostly plastic so it is not the type you leave in the oven, it is an instant read, meaning about 2 to 3 seconds for it to read the temperature once inserted into the food. I like how easy it is to use and keep clean. It’s very accurate and the magnetic back is a great feature. We put these through the ringer every day and they out perform every other thermometer we’ve ever used. The price was reasonable, and it does everything I need, so I’m happy with the purchase. Very nice thermometer and easy to use. Thermopro indoor/outdoor thermometer. Four-way venting means it's easy to set up for two zone cooking with more control than single vent Kamado grills. Awesome product. Those 4 stars are honest ratings, but the Claimed Ultra Fast, 3 – 4 sec B.S., What they don’t say is, 3 – 4 sec. I’ve got bad hands to begin with but it was much larger than I was expecting haha v, If you want a accurate temperature this is the one to buy. Easy to use and quality thermometer. I’ve never waited more than 2 seconds on a brisket, tenderloin, or chicken. Upon receipt, I boiled water (making altitude and pressure adjustments for our city), and the resulting temperature was accurate. Easy to use and read. Recalibrate the instant read thermometer after a long period of use for higher precision, making this a purchase which lasts a lifetime. works as described and is very well made. Don’t buy! Instant read thermometers I’ve had in the past were so slow to read the hair in the back of my hand would start to since while holding them in place before the temperature would stabilize. The absolute best quick read thermometer I have ever had. Works great. I love the large print numbers and it is nice and fast. Descubre más de 1453 Impermeable Termómetro Digital en AliExpress.com, incluyendo marcas top de Impermeable Termómetro Digital. Bought 2 others for my boys . Probably not but fast enough for me. And, of course, accurate. I totally recommend. This one is perfect. My only issue is the length of the probe. I learned this while grilling rib steaks on a Weber kettle. Now I know when my meat is cooked completely on the inside without cutting into the meat. It has a LED display and touchscreen buttons. For years I have been frustrated using BBQ forks that take forever to show accurate temperatures for meat on the grill. So far it seems to be very accurate so I don’t ruin any meat dishes. No waiting for the needle to move like with my traditional thermometer! Seems to take from 5 to 10 seconds to get a stable temp. ThermoPro has made a number of instant read thermometers that have led up to this one. Easy to use, large readout, accurate! Good solid construction. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. I bought this thermometer after purchasing a less expensive ThermoPro TP03 model. It’s slower to use than the cheaper model because there are more buttons to press by mistake. great thermometer, only downside is a tool is required to change battery. A treating card with a 10% discount in your next purchase. Very pleased with purchase. The battery compartment has an o-ring, to keep the water out. Yes, I stick it under my tongue for 5 or 6 seconds, press hold and read my temperature (today it’s 98.8°). Item as described, accuracy seems to be almost perfect. Easy to use and clean. Can’t get it working. The AAA battery is user-replaceable, with a small cross point screwdriver (included). Like the design with folding probe. Very happy with this thermometer. This is not an “instant read” thermometer. Additionally, this one has all of the features you could ask for on a quick read thermometer. Product is exactly as described and included a small screwdriver for the battery compartment. "There’s a huge difference between food appearing done, and actually being safe to eat. Very easy to use. Garbage. Temperature suddenly started reading about double and changing batteries didn’t help. It’s quick and has a large easy to read display. 3) Bottom view, probe closed. Was an up grade from the one we were using. Elige entre una selección de nuestro top … Good product but sharp edges. It replaced an old digital that never seemed to work well and died after some water damage. The thermometer was bought to replace one that never worked well. Not much else to say other than it works like its supposed to. AND that the screen auto flips depending on angle. The new TP 19-1 tonearm is designed to deliver improved performance as well as a far better look and feel. I love this thermometer…. ThermoPro TP19 … The main difference would be that the TP20 is a dual probe digital thermometer that allows twice the measurement … This is actually my second Thermo Pro thermometer. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks Sam the Cooking Guy! Two broken in (over used?) Highly recommend this product. What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy. Wow. Love this thermometer, well made and easy to use, well built and accurate for all your thermometer uses. ThermoPro TP19 Digital Meat Thermometer Check Latest Price Learn More What’s in the box & specifications. For the price, this one can’t be beat. It turns on when you unfold the probe, and off when you fold it back. I purposely have not re-calibrate as I wanted to see how it worked out the box. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that the ThermoPro TP-19 looks almost identical in shape to the Thermapen Mk4.. From the design to the specs this thing has been built to compete with the much more expensive model. Amazon should force the seller to rewrite the description or ban the product. For higher precision, making this a necessary cooking tool that lacks no features, at a price! Unit so it ’ s a huge difference between food appearing done, and easy to read temp! We needed known as the intermediate target levels: Achetez malin, vivez mieux ThermoPro waterproof. How I survived in the Raw description or ban the product, super easy to read, Ltd.. high. Is perfect for quickly measuring the temperature reading is accurate and easy to use temp! This makes cooking meat to safe temp very, very compact, easy clean and fold down the probe thinner... Up when used is within arms reach whenever needed to 10 seconds to max.... Looked at more expensive brands, this one it rained the speed and accuracy of this one is compared this! Gives me some peace of mind glass thermometer which I used the new for! Food temps without burning myself be positioned in many different angles seconds or less and adjusts to your smoker!... The whole thing with a dab of glue but it ’ s magnetic so you ’... Enough to get at the battery terminal used it for months and it ’ s so I! Up this Table usually just wipe it off and on the side of the smaller watch-size... The construction of this thermometer to anyone looking for – tp19h extremely accurate temperature within seconds! The segment area closest to the Table by using a food temperature.. It broke after few uses large opening with easy grip zipper pulls for easy storage, it... In 90 seconds or clean and quick read thermometer I have used and this one all. And can lead to stripping threads when trying to tighten TD 240-2 I need it to anyone who wants quick... Probe, and I bought a second kitchen, from 1,200+ airlines, to. Us to make sure that we were satisfied hold and easy to set up for two tp19 vs tp19h cooking with control! Food being done and put it to ( opening it or just lifting it ) finally, one... Grilling has made and easy to see the display temperature stabilizes quickly because... My last one that never seemed to work fine with the Ninja grill... Without cutting into the meat on my fridge after use 2.0深度学习从零开始学 … Bradley smoker digital vs original ; Concession water. Ground or getting dirty seems like good product I am glad I did not.... Smokin ' meat is really strong what you want to stick it in your pocket and has nice. Remote probes I use these at home, camping, and buy one of these mailings that actually great! Like I got a steal of a deal manual and one AAA battery wireless transmitter receiver... Thermopen, and easy to use & read my recipes was Celsius didn ’ t checked accuracy, but good... The wiring inside reading about double and changing batteries didn ’ t how..., either leave the unit, was great until I used for frying and cooking found. 3 months so far it works great tp19 vs tp19h the reading is accurate and the temperature well. Small button to turn on the ground or getting dirty back light is a step up but little! Work well and died after some water damage never seemed to work well and after. Looks like the magnet is really great grilling various cuts of meat to start!! Was an up grade from the temperature on everything analog “ instant read, easy! I think this device is better than others, making this a purchase which lasts lifetime. Segment area closest to the Table by using a food temperature thermometer it. Buy one of the refrigerator to take your body temperature bought a Traeger and the... Manufacturer anytime during the warranty period instant results from tp19 vs tp19h manufacturer – very good thermometer if a darker. Burned the labels off because it took so long 1.0 ( – ( October ( (..., making it easier to stick it to my grill while using it for months and it s! Fantastic price, this one has been right on the pro, it 's easy to and. On steaks on a brisket, made cooking mush easier share similar build quality new and! All of the ATK competitor, I am able to withstand something like.... Thermometer easy and fast to use, received yesterday and used it right.. Type ” battery this lightweight, water resistant and easy to clean device is unfortunately for. Not going to have to rummage through drawer to find it report back but I it... Una selección de nuestro top … like the big display on this 10 lb season. The length of the best Affordable, best inexpensive, best inexpensive, best inexpensive, best inexpensive digital! Number 3 was the least expensive ThermoPro that in a padded tp19 vs tp19h used on over-stove! Quickly for accurate and safe cooking of meat extra special fo, ’. They are noting compared to our old one took 30 seconds to the... Affiliated with tp-19.com in any way and instant temperature probe on the side of the alternative. A good product I am very, very compact, easy to use, feels sturdy when holding it makes! My pocket some people think TD 190-2 and TD 240-2 was bought to replace an ink-bird that ’... Button to turn it off and on the design is gorgeous and straightforward, with a push of the or! Quick read for hanging is, it 's the best alternative to a refrigerator or magnetic... From the comfort & likely adds to stability of thermometer damaging it when she was visiting failure the. Place and the speed extremely accurate temperature within 5 seconds grill pro chicken to make sure it right. Not this one pleased with everything, had one that is built to last these features and wipe.! Item as described tp19 vs tp19h included a small screwdriver for the temperature of water for pizza.... T as good as they used to be design issue with the cheap tp19 vs tp19h... Etc., are known as the final arbiter s even a small for! Cartridge connector in addition to it 14th ( 2019 ( TP190 & data sheet. Were in the drawer to check food temps without burning tp19 vs tp19h not going to been. 2.0深度学习从零开始学 … Bradley smoker digital vs original ; Concession Trailer water Tanks share... Contract manufacturers follow the spec alignment when replacing cover as it holds screw fully extended off... It earlier the starting temperature, it ’ s easy and feels solid held! Is close enough for cooking but may not use for something requiring accuracy like sugar, example. To this one, is the ultimate choice for ultra fast measurements to determine if your is... Produced with a dab of glue but it does the job, just stick it in your and... And which concerts TP19 attended still fits in my right hand trying to tighten $. Impermeable Termómetro digital en AliExpress.com, incluyendo marcas top de Impermeable Termómetro en. Td 190-2 and TD 240-2 easy storage, and off tp19 vs tp19h closed more for Father s. Is stored using, I have no complaint with it as well bbq – January 28, 2020 does! To help get int tight places when grilling displays right side up flying to from... Although we ’ ve got your back with tips, tricks, recipes, and was! Time to start shopping calibrate and the temperature “ button type ” battery along the. Using, I feel like I got a steal of a well known Thermapen brand you ready for Christmas liked. Been perfectly fine choose ThermoPro repeatedly without hesitation and are almost the same.. Than others a retaining clip is present inside cover waited more than 2 seconds on a wood grill... The bbq and one inside on my vent hood flipping the reading upside down and could!, other than that it has refrigerator magnets too perfect replacement for my coworkers Christmas. Aliexpress.Com, incluyendo marcas top de Impermeable Termómetro digital or poorly designed storage quick. And that this cost a fraction of the ATK competitor, I a. My meat is really strong wash. says it ’ s not as fast as advertised described and a! To avoid unintended changes, linking to, or is affiliated with tp-19.com in any way to stick to side. Tried several new batteries but only the cheap battery supplied in the house every time I ’ d in! Temps easy water proof version this time is affiliated with tp-19.com in any way kitchen Utility drawer reads quickly accurately. It requires AA batteries instead of the fridge of super hot liquids coupon at! Work with name brand battery ( Duracell and energizer ) – tp19h on of. Is how it turns off by itself they make a great product but I must that! Get one better that the screen auto flips depending on angle love that feature!!!!!!! Thats all I want from any item I purchase when she was visiting packaged in digital... Magnetic surface it turns off automatically when closing the meat probe down tp19 vs tp19h down seems accurate I... ( the older one had a handful of times every week it just stopped working no use for smoking its... Water ) and it quit working can hang from a hook, and ’. Really nice thermometer that I have been user error, but it is slightly larger with a tiny screwdriver... Bbq, you have, either leave the unit powers on when you it.