Picture: Universal Pictures Throughout Us, it gradually becomes more clear what happened in the abandoned mirror maze all those years ago and who the doppelgängers are.After escaping their house and killing Gabe's lookalike Abraham, the Wilsons go to their friends' for safety. Season one of The Society is available to watch now on Netflix. Us ending explained - SPOILERS BELOW Us ending explained: How does the Jordan Peele film end? Honestly, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money considering how rich everyone in the town is, but that’s not really the point — the parents refused to pay. This question gets a little more conspiratorial, but it’s at least worth asking: did Dewey really kill Cassandra? To do this, they make a deal that sees Lexie and Harry become co-mayors, putting off the election for now. In fact, one of the earliest signs the kids use to discover that New Ham isn’t exactly the same place as West Ham is that the smell itself is missing. The original community is still there, but there’s a huge memorial sign displayed at the town hall of all those they have lost, suggesting that those part of the alternative West Ham are dead. These characters aren’t … Netflixviewers were left … But, if you have been alert, you know exactly what to expect from the next season. If that’s true, who else could have killed her? Alongside all the life and death decisions, they also have to deal with high school drama. Parents need to know that The Society is a dark drama about a group of teens who are mysteriously dropped off in what looks like their hometown -- but it's abandoned and seemingly cut off from the rest of the world. Here’s a quickfire rundown of those cliffhangers … However, it suggests Campbell might meet a sticky end if there is another series of The Society. [Warning: spoilers ahead for Netflix’s The Society season 1.]. It follows a group of teenagers who leave for a … Terrible conditions drive them home, and they before long find that New Ham looks and feels changed – no smell (reward), no grown-ups (twofold reward). Everything you're wondering about the ending of Netflix's "The Society," from the questions that we can answer, to the ones that will carry into season 2. Here's what the ending could mean, especially if Netflix renews the show for a second season. Towards the end of the season, the kids discover … More importantly, the smell seems directly related to Pfeiffer, the smell removal expert the parents are talking to at the beginning of the season. Thanks to the letter that Sam and Campbell made him destroy, we know that Pfeiffer offered to remove the mysterious smell from West Ham for $1.5 million. [Ed. This may not be easy to remember after nine episodes worth of romantic and political drama, but one of the central questions for the first 10 or so minutes of the show was about a terrible smell in West Ham. IS CHARLIE OK AT LEAST? Netflix’s The Society is about a group of teens who leave for an end-of-the-school-year trip and return to their small Connecticut town to find everyone else missing. A few episodes later, the dog shows up at Elle and Campbell’s house and is promptly — probably — murdered by Campbell. The final moments of The Society were set at a reading, where everyone was wearing yellow ribbons and were gathered around a plaque with all the teens’ names on them and the words “We Remember Them”. HOW MANY EPISODES ARE IN THE SOCIETY ON NETFLIX? WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Society. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about. ‘The Society’ takes a clever approach to its storytelling and leaves breadcrumbs for the audience throughout the show. The Society’s teenage characters do a decent job of forming a functioning society, and right up front they’re having smart, frank conversations about democracy, guns and sexual violence. The Society is one part dystopian fantasy, one part political drama and one (very large) part angst-ridden teen storytelling, which makes it one of the most bingeable TV shows so far in 2019. 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He meets with the parents of the town who are very angry and won’t pay him. That ending though. Whatever the explanation is to all these conspiracies, the show is clear that it wants us to think Pfeiffer is at the center so we’ll need to learn more about him if there’s a second season. The ending of Disney's Secret Society of Second-Born Royals contained a shocking villain twist where the Society's trainees are betrayed by one of their own, and it also sets up a sequel to continue the story. Ultimately, The Guard plots again Allie with Lexie’s help. If that’s not what happened, what did? One YouTuber theorizes that it could even by Cassandra’s mom that killed her. The Society on Netflix ending explained: What happened at the end? The theory goes that just like Charlie, Cassandra’s mom somehow crossed over from West Ham into New Ham (but it doesn’t get into why she would want her daughter dead, so that’s on the far end of the believability spectrum). The Society ending has been on Netflixfor a few months, but fans are still unpacking all the information from the finale. And in the grand tradition of Lost, The Society has a whole lot of mystery. The Society on Netflix Review: A misguided plot which fails to finish, The Society ending saw Allie deposed as mayor. Netflix May 2019: What new TV shows and films are coming to Netflix? While all these may be possibilities that could be explored in season 2, the most likely explanation is still that Dewey really did just kill her for all the reasons he explained — even Seth Meriwether who plays Dewey on the show thinks so. Or maybe the answer is even stranger. But if that’s the case, why are all the parents just treating their kids like they died? note: this post contains major spoilers for the first season of The Society.]. He drives the bus that takes the children away from West Ham for their field trip and returns them to New Ham. How did the dog even get to New Ham to begin with? One said: "Wait a f***ing minute. Society is a 1989 American body horror film directed by Brian Yuzna, and starring Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards, and Ben Meyerson.Its plot follows a Beverly Hills teenager who finds his wealthy parents are part of a gruesome cult for the social elite.. If you don’t remember who Charlie is that’s okay (seriously this show has a lot of characters). The show’s central antagonist and a confirmed psychopath, Campbell certainly wouldn’t have trouble pretending like he didn’t do it. Here’s a complete list of things we know for sure about Pfeiffer after the first season of Netflix’s The Society: Pfeiffer and his motives are the big picture mystery of The Society, but we don’t get much of him at all in season 1. Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The Society. But The Society season 1's ending episodes show that Allie’s collective actions mirror a police state, and Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox) rises up as a revolutionary figure, a teenager who may be more concerned with righting a wrong than acknowledging what it actually means to lead. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Fans of The Society, however, will have to wait for news about season two to find out what will happen to Becca’s baby, Allie, Campbell and the rest of the teen cast of the Netflix series. However, the episode gives no clues as to how they can return and where they actually are. The Society planned to begin Season 2 production in March, which was of course halted by the coronavirus pandemic. Season One consists of ten episodes released on May 10, 2019. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Here we've explained exactly what happened and all of the theories about the meaning of it. The Society ending on Netflix revealed that the group's hometown still exists, meaning that there is a chance that the townspeople can return home - if they are not dead or in purgatory, that is. But expect a few more breadcrumbs about how the world of New Haven is different from our own beyond a few strange astrological events. They're in a simulation. The ending shows West Ham, but not the one we have witnessed all season. ET's Katie Krause talks with the creator of 'The Society' -- and the cast -- about the mysterious scene involving the parents in the season one finale. Netflix's The Society: Will there be a season two? The Society is now streaming on Netflix. It certainly seems like he kidnapped the kids because the parents wouldn’t pay. Fans of Westworld and Sword Art Online couldn't help but wonder if the kids … Netflix has canceled The Society, which was originally supposed to return for a Season 2 later this year.The decision to cancel The Society, along with … Out of everything that goes down in The Society’s first season, Charlie is definitely the source of the most questions, and we hope the second season at least answers a few of them. The Society is an American mystery teen drama television series created by Christopher Keyser, that was released via streaming on Netflix on May 10, 2019. Earlier in the series, Elle (Olivia DeJonge) managed to escape from her evil boyfriend Campbell after she tried to poison him. Spoilers for season one of The Society below, so proceed with caution!. For more on what could possibly happen in season two, check out what the cast had to say below. The Society ending explained There was quite a bit of unfinished business at the end of The Society. Think Lost with teens. So, what was it really? At the end of The Society, Netflix viewers got a shock return to the town the group of teenagers were somehow disappeared from at the start of the series. Season 1 stops the plot in New Ham just as two of the main characters are taken kidnapped by a psychopath. newspaper archive. Did the dog find a secret portal to travel between dimensions? It’s the show’s final and most cryptic clue as to what’s actually going on in these two towns, but it also left us with a lot of questions. However, he tracks her down in Allie’s house and forces her back to his house. The scenario forces the students to organize themselves, figure out who’s in charge, and how they’re going to eat. Grizz’s intervention stops the violence for now but the end of The Society on Netflix does not reveal what the guard will do with Allie and Will. The series stars Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julian, Alexander MacNicoll, Toby Wallace and Rachel Keller. This seems to confirm the theory that the teens have found themselves in a parallel universe, meaning there must be a way they can return home. The Society on Netflix release time: When is The Society out? The show is an allegory for the Pied Piper story. Is the dog some kind of malevolent trickster god working to keep the kids trapped in a parallel dimension for its own enjoyment? At the end of The Society, she appears to be loyal to Campbell again but this is likely a smoke screen which will see her try and take him down in the future. Express. The first and most obvious answer is Campbell. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Sure, everyone else wants to know, but no one’s as invested in figuring it out as New Ham’s resident nerd. If you're anything like me, you've whizzed through The Society on … We still don’t really know what Pfeiffer has to do with the big picture. For all we can tell he seems to be some villainous piece of how the kids got transported to New Ham. But no series can survive on mystery alone, so there are a few big picture questions that we’d at least like some kind of answer to if Netflix decides to pick the show up for a second season. The Society Episode 3, “Childhood’s End”, was a signal for the characters to accept their unfortunate new reality, and take that huge leap to adulthood. Update 8/21/20: Netflix has canceled The Society, despite renewing it for a second season last summer. The Society on Netflix has the wildest ending. Thinking they will be unable to win the upcoming election between Allie, Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox) and their candidate Harry Bingham (Alex Fitzalan), they arrest the former and her assistant Will LeClair (Jacques Colimon) from trumped-up charges of fixing the election. The Society Netflix season 1 completion underlines the show’s investigation of the contrasts among tragic and idealistic social orders. Based on the fact that he’s the bus driver that we see in the background of several photos from the night of the big field trip, we also know that he played a first hand role in transporting the kids to New Ham. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. If you're yet to cast your eyes over it, set aside a day to devour The Society. The ending of the show’s first season leaves many … Even when we are given a hint of what happened to the adultsand where the teenagers are now, I don’t think the second season will be quick about furthering that plotline. Is he related to Pfeiffer at all? An awful smell surpasses the town of West Ham, and youngsters board transport for a school trip. The Society is a Netflix original series created by Christopher Keyser, a Golden Globe Award winner for "Best Drama Series" (Party of Five). Netflix streaming UPDATE: Best way to find secret categories REVEALED, Netflix movies May 2019: Everything NEW coming to Netflix next month. His first appearance is in the third episode, when he wanders up to Cassandra outside the prom, then runs off right as Dewy comes up to kill her. The guard parade Allie and Will in front of the crowd, which is about to turn violent before Grizz (Jack Mulhern) returns from his expedition to find farmland. Gordie is our guide to any and all questions about where exactly the kids are and how they got there. If that’s what happened, why didn’t it happen to Cassandra or Emily? The Society spends its first season focusing more on its central teenagers building a new society … We don’t need answers to all the show’s mysteries, but one or two might be nice. Sure, he admits to it — once officially and once unofficially — but people are convinced to lie all the time in The Society, so maybe he was only taking the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. It's no secret that teen dramas and dystopian universes make for great television. This article was written completely independently, see more details here. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Is there a season two?!" It stars Kathryn Newton as Allie and Rachel Keller as Cassandra.. Information is dropped in subtle moves and if you don’t pay attention, you might be left scratching your heads by the end. The Society on Netflix cast, season 2, ending, characters and more about the show from Digital Spy. Elsewhere in the episode, Becca Gelb (Gideon Adlon) has her baby, with Sam Eliot (Sean Berdy) pretending to be the father despite actually dating Grizz. Technically this is the most basic plot detail, and should the show get a second season, it will almost certainly be the first thing that’s resolved. The Society on Netflix filming location: Where is The Society filmed? We might get to se… At the end of The Society, the latest YA offering to hit Netflix, there was a lot of unfinished business, which hopefully means that the teen thriller will return for round two. If the show does get a second season, we’ll probably get a better idea of who’s still on Allie’s side and whether or not Lexie and Harry really have the conviction to go through with Campbell’s coup. So, when Gordie says they’ve been transported to an alternate dimension, I guess we have to believe him. This expedition was important personally for Grizz, who came out as gay to a second person, as well as the group more generally when he and the rest of the explorers find fertile land with turkeys and fish. Campbell enacts a coup at the end of The Society on Netflix, Grizz discovered farmland at the end of The Society on Netflix. Netflix's new YA drama, The Society, puts a modern twist on Lord of the Flies. Warning: SPOILERS for Disney's Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.. 'The Society' Cast on Season Two -- … Is The Society TV show cancelled or renewed for a second season on Netflix? Charlie is the mysterious dog who shows up a few different times in the show. Though the film was completed in 1989, it was not released until 1992. The ending of the show’s first season leaves many questions, left few answers, and has everyone who’s discovered the series talking. Netflix secret codes: What are the Netflix secret genre access codes? The Society ending has been on Netflix for a few months, but fans are still unpacking all the information from the finale. Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Netflix's The Society. TENSE: The Society keeps viewers hooked the entire way through (Image: Netflix) There was also a glimpse of a dog in West Ham that had been seen in New Ham, suggesting there is a simple way for the kids to return. He knows about the smell and offers to remove it from West Ham. The Society fans can read on for The Society ending explained. And in the grand tradition of Lost, The Society has a whole lot of mystery. Netflix viewers were left wondering who won the election, who is the father of Becca's baby and working their way through the other mysteries of the ending of The Society. Questions like: did Charlie die in New Ham and get teleported back to West Ham? The show would have gotten up and running again in … The last time we see Charlie is in the last episode when the show switches from New Ham back to West Ham where Cassandra and Allie’s mom pets him on the sidewalk. And as the show’s most manipulative character it’s also believable that he could convince Dewey to take the fall. Think Lost with teens. In the universe occupied by the teens, the end of The Society sees Allie Pressman (played by Kathryn Newton) deposed from the position of mayor thanks to a coup by the so-called “guard”, led by psychopath Campbell Eliot (Toby Wallace). The Society 2019 TV-MA 1 Season Teen TV Shows When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.