As such, her and others like her were given Limb Enhancers to better improve their tasks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The inner machinations of Cartoon Network's mind are an enigma. When they did eventually get themselves out, Peridot noted Onion and Starlight Glimmer trying to get to the power, and she worked out distractions to keep White Diamond off of them. Small hand, speedy fingers. Sometime after Grogar took over Homeworld, she went with Emerald, Pearl, and Flint onto Homeworld in order to scope it out, finding out it was turned into Tambalon. However, she was then called a spy of Homeworld when she tried to convince Bismuth away from trying to shatter the Diamonds, leading to her being chased after. She then got the idea to try and capture some Gem monsters for them, her way to redeem herself. Unaware of the world shift just yet, she continued her report of various happenings in Equestria: reports of the factories within Cloudsdale, and her personal encounters with Connie II. She at first got in some trouble with the Foreman, but quickly got on their good side after talking to Chief. ", A minute later, in her next tweet, she states: "THE MERE THOUGHT OF PAULETTE SWITCHING "BODIES" HAS MADE ME DISLIKE HER EVEN MORE. New! After some more conversation, she grudgingly agreed to let Rainbow Dash keep an eye on her, only so she can continue her task. Steven:"You look cute!" Comments loading... About. Peridot has an adorable nerd voice and amusing antics. Press J to jump to the feed. gaia_diamond gaia_diamond 2020 Birthstone Raffle gaia_diamond gaia_diamond Each pony is based on a birthstone, and each birthstone is represented by at least one male and female sexed Soquili. With the help of Steven, Peridot gives Lapis an apology card, a pool, and her own beloved tape recorder. I was bored and I figured I could do the math on how many wpm (words per minute) Peridot can get. I changed outfit for the occasion." "Oh, honestly, she calls everyone a clod," Pearl snarked. List of Discord servers tagged with clod. Learning this left Peridot stressed out over what to do, not wanting to leave either of her families behind. Servers ... Bumped recently Member Count . During one argument Peridot was found by a Giant Bird, who proceeded to attack her. Now we get into the part that's a lot more estimation. She remained with them for a few more days, learning about her sisters, and helping out the Colony when she could, eventually even bringing her friends back to show the colony. As she was testing the planet, she was encountered by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, who she immediately began to question. Log in to vote! Peridot ended up tricked however, and actually fused into Rubidot, finding it a shock, but enjoying it sometime later. check on Wikipedia to see what CLOd means. Her biggest involvement in this arc was in Family Ties. A pair of villainousgreen aliens who got the short end of the stick until they quit their respective faction engage in a Death Battle! Peridot tried to redirect White Diamond with the resources and potential of Earth, though White didn't care for it and just wanted the planet to die. Peridot suggests going on a double date with Bismuth and Pearl. She was able to scan then and realize they weren't of Earth origin either, and when Rainbow Dash gives her own name, she questioned if "rainbow dashes" had replaced the Human race. She is Virgil Hawkins, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the stevenuniverse community. During this, she tried to figure out why Garnet was still fused since they've met eachother, finding that she wasn't using her fusion for any big purpose. Perhaps Connie showed her touch typing. Peridot's Quiz! She took her task in checking Mask Island, the Communication Hub, and another area holding a spire, before she checked the Prime Kindergarten. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! Peridot. She was soon caught by the other Gems, and bubbled by Garnet. This lead to her going to the Sky Arena with Garnet, and eventually asked Garnet to train her to be a fighter. To get her wpm, we take the pages written multiplied by the page to words conversion to get the number of words written. Once the Osicone emerged, Peridot went with the other Gems in order to fight it. Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply. When Bismuth returned to the Crystal Gems, Peridot was told to stay at the Barn House, and out of Bismuth's radar at least until she was ready to figure out things, but Peridot was made to go out when Bismuth came to the barn, and she only avoided being hurt by insisting she was a Crystal Gem now. Post. I am Peridot, a gem from the homeworld, stranded on this world located in the habitable band of your solar system. You wouldn’t happen to know why, would you? and Pearl. Synthetic and Treated Peridot; Although you can find synthetic peridot on the market, it is not common and most peridot you will come across are natural mined gemstones. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Peridot 4 Waspinator 5 Death Battle 6 Results 7 Trivia Steven Universe vs. Transformers: Beast Wars! This count included her previous visit to Earth. The number 1 subreddit for Steven Universe. During their time there, she was the first to start retaliating against them, especially towards Cerrosafe over how bad he treated them all, though this resulted in her nearly getting shattered by the alien, cracking her gemstone as a warning to keep her quiet. PERIDOT 5XG LEADER OF THE CRYSTAL GEMS. Peridot is just the most awesome little thing ever. Steven answered for her, "Because she called Yellow Diamond a Clod." All ponies have the crystal ulun'suti scales, making them at least part Suti. Though the "essay" is probably just clod copy and pasted several times. Never ever to be found again... Until it was! Peridot eventually found Steven inside the Cluster, and she helped him bubble the Cluster altogether, finally redeeming herself and completing her original mission. You have failed at every stage of this clod. She briefly tried training with Ruby during this stage, but doesn't fully regain her memory until after she went to Garnet's meditation class. However, she ended up losing her limb enhancers thanks to Grogar, leaving her feeling more paranoid and vulnerable and lo9cking herself away in the Beach House bathroom. She doesn't thank her, but still appreciated it. She ended up getting trained by Ruby instead, and while it went well, their conversations didn't, and they mainly argued through the whole thing. Sometime later, she was left with Ruby at Blue Diamond's palace, and she tried to calm Ruby's nerves about the situation. SHE BETTER NOT TOUCH MY STUFF. She joins the Harmony Gems in both the following court session to get Discord and White Diamond's magic back, and the final main battle between them and Grogar's Army. There was a powerful weapon. She even ended up playing games with Ruby until the others eventually made their return. Wuh oh! AS FOR BIG FRIENDS DO THE DIAMONDS COUNT AS FRIENDS NOW? She revealed during the stay that she can't morph her body in the same way Amethyst and Ruby could, and they try to get her to do it, yet she quickly made them both stop. When Kyra ended up arriving however, after the incident, Yellow Diamond banished her from her city. This made her an Era-2 Gem, and she was made much weaker out of the Peridotite used to make her. Load comments. She was contacted by Garnet, but made the decision to continue anyway, saying her goodbyes. Before her arrival to Earth, she had visited a total of three hundred planets, her describing it in exact terms as 57 lava planets, 45 ice giants, 43 Ocean planets, 10 Iron planets, 67 terrestrial planets, 39 dwarf planets, and 31 habitable planets. When they did arrive to Homeworld, Peridot eventually went with Jasper to make her report to Yellow Diamond, her being questioned of the Crystal Gems, Kyra, along with her Limb Enhancers being missing. Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply. She declared her maintenance check over and leaves back to Homeworld. It was enough to make her follow Newbie back towards the Peridot Colony, ignoring the others following her as she did so she was so invested in the task. I will more specifically use the times when she says she started and stopped working on the essay. 28,505. Any who are not listed with an element may be given an element by the owner. Winner x 1; ... Pearl, Apr 13, 2019 at 8:56 AM #38. ''human reproduction rod'' - Peridot, 2016 just imagine arriving to work, waiting for clients then this 4 foot tall jelly bean walks in completely oblivious of what this place is about and still has a grand time then walks out with jizz all over their body, and completely exposed. This is my log as I document this planet Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She became one of the Gems to be rejuvenated by Spinel's Rejuvenator, reverting her back to her more cynical and professional self, her reformation altering the nearby metallic objects to transform into her limb enhancers. ... Well sit back and snack on some stocking candy as I count them down. Before she could go home however, Sombra removed the main Warp Pad, and as such left her stranded on Earth. DmLan. On a more important note, she said she used a trashcan lid to reach the roof. She and the others tragically got shattered during the fight. Average professional typists word at speeds of 50 to 80 wpm, while 120+ wpm is achieved by very advanced typists. Ironically, this had her avoid getting marked by Trotter as she technically got her mark already. Before her arrival to Earth, she had visited a total of three hundred planets, her describing it in exact terms as 57 lava planets, 45 ice giants, 43 Ocean planets, 10 Iron planets, 67 terrestrial planets, 39 dwarf planets, and 31 habitable planets. I would argue she is probably in that instant still getting used to the human qwerty keyboard where as on homeworld we can only imagine the arrangement of letters and symbols she would be used to. She had reached the Cluster, but unfortunately the Gem Drill didn't work, and she found herself alone once she found Pearl poofed again, leading to a complete breakdown. A warrior from the Gem Homeworld who fought against Rose Quartz's army more than 5,750 years ago. She tried to fight it off, but she was only saved when Rainbow Dash finished it off for her. As apart of her maintenance check, she brought out a Star Quartz gemstone, and tested one of the Gem Injectors, finding the one successful, before heading down to the main control room. The actual time we will be using is the difference of her starting time (18:12) and this benchmark (18:26 the next day), which estimates she's been typing for 24 hours and 14 minutes, or 1,454 in minutes only. In the end, she became apart of the mega-fusion, and defeated the Osicone, and afterwards became an official Crystal Gem. During one day, Peridot and Ruby ended up in another argument with eachother, namely over the Camp Pining Hearts series. After a fight with a local animal to save her sisters, Peridot realized that the others plan to leave her there as she was so happy with her family. July 21 at 18:12 she tweets: "BUT THEN SHE'D HAVE CONTROL OF MY "BODY". However, 120-140 seems about right to be considered an exceptional typist without being ridiculous. She ended up breaking out in the throne room, only stopping when the duel was announced. When Blue brought back a Diamond Communicator, Peridot was the first to identify it, yet when Kyra took it away, she snuck off and spied in on his conversation with Yellow Diamond. Clod on the Run Chapter 5: Fooled Around and Became Stronger than You Last time, we saw the Guardians of the Galaxy experience fusion for the first time & got their ship rebuilt with help from Steven and the Crystal Gems. 3 years ago. Pearl said: ↑ Peridot, Connie is making quite a fuss about the calendar today. Feeling more confident in herself, she continued her training with Ruby and Garnet given chance, and took more active part in building the Galactic Ray. Ralph's Ghost Died bc 1000 Among Us Packs Yare yare daze. You have 500 characters left. When Sombra refused to comply, she fought him, and after a long tricky battle, she eventually one when she shot off his horn. Also, unlike most other gemstones, peridots are not enhanced or treated in order to improve color or performance. Her target became the Tongue Monster, and after numerous comedic attempts to retrieve it, she finally returned, but only being confronted and told that one Gem monster will not fix the bigger problem. Come and obsess over gay space rocks with us. The first member of the Diamond Authority to be mentioned, and the second to appear, she commands Homeworld's military and is in charge of the Cluster geo-weapon project. Read Say clod from the story Lapidot pics 3 by pokemon626 (IM HERE AND IM QUEER) with 695 reads. However, during the scuffle, Peridot fled with Ruby to the others in the Strawberry Battlefield, and during the fight blindly saved Ruby from the beast, something Sapphire later congratulated her on. When the Time Jumper arrived, she joined in the team to help out, but she, like many of the other Gems, ended up poofed, only to come back after a few weeks of time. Peridot: APPARENTLY MORE THAN YOU, YOU CLOD! By four brave adventures! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Well remember, now she has a touch screen device she can move with her mind, just like she's used to. Peridot was made off of Planet Earth, on one of the Gem colonies after the Gem War had transpired. For the lower bound, 250 words per page, it turns out to be (672 pages) * (250 words per page) / (1454 minutes) = about 119.7 wpm. Details: Hard Enamel Pin Rubber Backing … After explaining everything about her Gem Hybrid project, she pointed out Peridot again, and she was willing to let her go if she could comply to her demands. PERIDOT ... YOU CLOD!!!! ... boy was I a clod for being worried. Additionally, Peridot could be using single-spaced or a smaller font size, most likely for optimization of space — This would increase her wpm greatly. As she had nowhere to go, she decided to stay with the Crystal Gems, spending her time fiddling with her projection screens, and during this giving Steven Universe an idea on what Gem technology was like. I was thinking of "Sandy" as a derogative term for Gems from Beta Kindergarten. She was forced out of the project there on out, her feeling very guilty over it, to the point when she almost shattered herself with aid of Star Quartz (it didn't work of course). Quote More ... Peridot clod- Yellow Diamond Shut your clod! Peridot was tasked to return to Earth once again for an standard maintenance check, arriving to the planet through the Galaxy Warp, which she sent a number of Robonoids to mend. lapis, lapidot, peridot. But then, one day. Additionally, Peridot could be using single-spaced or a smaller font size, most likely for optimization of space — This would increase her wpm greatly. Peridot fled, and quickly found Sapphire, trying to get Garnet back. However, 120-140 seems about right to be considered an exceptional typist without being ridiculous. Peridot with her Limb Enhancers during flight. Exactly, he IS Pink Diamond, and I think it would be fair to count the Crystal Gems as Pink’s new court, and since Peridot joined in the Crystal Gems, she’s already part of Pink’s new court (edited by LeBronStan23) 0. peridot, lapis, lapidot. Well, if going on a mission to round up some corrupted gems who outnumber them 7 to 4 on a distant planet that is practically dying on itself counts as a lovely double date then Peridot definitely is the best date planner ever. Garnet. I will be using both number to give a range of Peridot's typing speed. Peridot left off for Homeworld sometime after this with the others, feeling grateful that Kyra was left behind, and during the trip she took time to teach some of the newcomers a few tips on how Homeworld worked. Vote count: 2. Showing 1 - 2 of 2 servers. DISBOARD Search. Her suspicions were proven correct after figuring out what happened to Lord Akira, and drove Junsui out. It is even rumored that Umbreon can release Dark Pulses that make Pokémon Tired. Eventually, Peridot ultimately decided to go after the Cluster herself to make up for what she lacked, and she used the Gem Drill alongside Pearl. She ended up found out, and warned by Kyra to not tell anyone about it. And then Peri got frustrated and called her a clod. She stayed in there for a bit until brought back out to explain what the Cluster was, and what they could do, but she was unfortunately leashed up as a sort of punishment for keeping this quiet for so long. A Prism that could create an entire armies of light. Sometime later, she returned to the Galaxy Warp, only to find her Portal Key, and accidentally ending up on Equus, rather than Earth. Ultimately, she decided to go back to the Harmony Gems, saying that they did so much for her already, and while she loved her cut, she didn't want to leave her other family behind over it. It was when she ultimately found out that all the Peridots in the colony were from the same cut as hers, making them apart of her "family". The Crystal Gems! When the Crystal Gems got word of The Cluster by Yellow Diamond, Peridot grew scared and actually tried to run away, mainly from the main mission being the Cluster, and she just flat out forgot about it, despite just how dangerous the Cluster was. This implies Peridot started working on the essay between the times of these tweets, 18:12 and 18:13. Peridot:"DON'T SAY I LOOK CUTE, YOU STEVENCLOD!" Every Single Time Peridot Says "Clods" (Old version) - YouTube Peridot gives us a benchmark the next day, July 22, at 18:26: "NYAHAHA! This count included her previous visit to Earth. She and the rest were revived and reformed afterwards within the Supreme Kindergarten and join to stop Grogar's army from leaving Homeworld. Cancel. When offered to fuse with her though, Peridot panicked, and just left in a huff, not ready for that herself just yet. What if she has a speech-to-text program? When pointed out of how much she had lost since joining Earth, Peridot made it clear that Earth is a free place and that she was living there, and that Earth can set one free, biding the others just enough time to cut the power and help them escape. She, along with Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire, go off to track him during his day in Bayburgh. Read Does this count ? I bet she would use a bigger font in her essay so people know she's shouting. She did eventually calm down somewhat with Garnet reassuring her that they'll protect her. Call Lol Of Duty. PERIDOT 5XG, Apr 3, 2019 at 5:54 PM #37. Naomihome --Lapis-Lazuli-- cncsHunterC Followers View all. Soon after this she was dismissed, much to her relief. This is the Top 5 Worst Episodes I Reviewed in 2020. 23:17, June 25, 2017. She mostly stayed within Little Homeworld during this time and handling her own experiments, at one point running a few tests on Star Quartz. by Peridot-gem; Peridot's Clod count by Peridot-gem; Following View all. During a game back at the Crystal Temple, she began to grow a bit more suspicious over towards Emerald, mainly for how little Emerald spends at the Temple. 110 Defense, and 130 Special Defense. We're ready to go to Homeworld. See more ideas about peridot steven universe, steven universe fanart, steven universe. Naomihome 16163abc JNXalpha_dog190 CraftyPanda146 Sneklover626 Fiddle19 Comments. Peridot: "Em... welcome to my ship. Upon arriving on planet Farid, she was the first to discover one of the local Peridots, Newbie, almost immediately feeling a kind of connection with her and believing she won't hurt any of them. For the higher bound, 300 words per page, it is (672 pages) * (300 words per page) / (1454 minutes) = about 138.7 wpm. You can count on the four of us taking you down 'Cause we're good and evil never beats us We'll win the fight and then go out for Clods" Loading editor. She was one of the Gems to join the Diamond Authority in their vacation across the cosmos, being the main translator for Steven on the planets they were allowed to choose from. from the story Lapidot pics 3 by pokemon626 (IM HERE AND IM QUEER) with 934 reads. I am also going to assume she is using normal essay formatting, or 12-point double-spaced, given she said it was an essay. When she got word of Sapphire's capture by White Diamond, she was given the role as one of Lapis's technicians for the supposed trip to Earth. She soon meets a representation of the Cluster, and pleads for it to not form, only being refused. _____ So, like a lot of people out there, I've been imagining a Crystal Gem outfit for Peridot. The Prism was lost! It was during this trip she was first introduced to the Camp Pining Hearts series. During the fight however, she raced in blindly again when Ruby got stuck in the Osicone, almost getting shattered herself in the process before she got rescued. On her official twitter, Peridot states she has written 672 pages of an "essay" in 24 hours. When she got word of the Kirin Empire, she was given the chance to go with them alongside Connie Maheswaran, and Diopside, and arrived into Neippon. This fight shows off her new form, and new "visor-rang" ability. While feeling good beating him, she was still trapped on Earth after everything was over. Peridot's Quiz! 24 HOURS AND 672 PAGES LATER AND MY "ESSAY" ON HOW PAULETTE IS THE SCOURGE OF CAMP PINING HEARTS IS ALMOST DONE!". Community 13. During this, she was called to the communications by Garnet, and as they were talking to Blue Diamond, she found out Garnet already knew, and deliberately left Kyra behind, telling her to tell them sooner next time. Honestly, one minute doesn't make a lot of a difference, so I will be using 18:12 as the starting time. She stayed away from the operation soon after this, mainly for the idea that she could barely do much without her limb enhancers, and that she didn't believe she could help. Surely they would have a nice, romantic time. Peridot is shown to have unique phrasing and so could prefer larger words, which would lower her wpm count. My Little Universe Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. by Fiddle19; Puzzle Mania by richjones69 CLOD's Menagerie . Just before the main battle in the Realm of Corners, she joins the original Crystal Gems and Elements of Harmony to take out the weapons located on Homeworld, but got caught by Grogar and forced into fighting him. I AM WRITING AN "ESSAY" ON WHY AS WE SPEAK.". Nov 8, 2019 - -Steven Universe Collection-Enamel PinsAmethyst, I am always good enough and more.Lapis Lazuli, you can't keep me trapped forever.Pearl, not just a mere ornament.Peridot, you clod!Rose Quartz, If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs!Ruby, I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME BABY!Sapphire, the future has many possibilities. She continued training with Ruby as well, showing more promise during it, but when she went back to the Crystal Temple with Amethyst and Ruby, she ended up stuck in the Beach House. During the storm however, she saved Ruby from the falling TV, and found she has metal powers, and earned her Cutie Mark from it, which she happily showed off to the others once the storm passed. Even if she loses a robot fight to Peridot, that doesn’t diminish her value to the team. And ofc she has to use a human language on twitter because that's built by humans. Peridot got off of Steven and ran over to a box of baseball bats and dumped them out, "Yes, but not everyone has command over all the armies of Homeworld waiting for the word to shatter me!" Do you guys think Peridot will ever apologise to Yellow for calling her a clod? She was only saved when Quetzalcoatl interfered, and she revealed their involvement in the Osicone, alongside Steven and Amethyst. by Peridot-gem; Peridot's Clod count by Peridot-gem; Notice Me Senpai by Naomihome; v1.10 by griffpatch; Terraria (Stamped) v0.65b by griffpatch; Presidental Election 2020 by Yeet2413; Click da Peridot by Peridot-gem; Click the fortune cookie by Peridot-gem; Ask The Fiddleman!!! It is revealed by Chief that she was the very first of her cut to come out of her Kindergarten, her being the only one not scheduled for harvesting, unlike the rest of her cut. So this means Peridot is really good at typing, which makes sense as she is a technician. The other thing about Peridot is that she’s brutally honest, and just because she was faced with Homeworld’s most powerful figure, she wasn’t going to let it stop her from giving out the diagnosis that YD wasn’t being logical, wasn’t being practical and pragmatic. ... —- Peridot. 23K likes. But we accidentally unleashed the light inside! She hid herself under the box. Eventually though, she heard of Garnet's plan to go to Homeworld ala Galactic Ray, and she took part in it, albeit with little cooperation and mostly on her own terms. For her, she had been given numerous tasks, which included adding the warp speed installment to the Sun Incinerator, and often tasked to explore various planets. Jul 7, 2019 - Explore Loganoscarwilton's board "peridot uwu" on Pinterest. So you can be sure that the stone you buy is in its original form. 4 years ago. Her involvement in the season was tuned down to a side-character role up to the finale: Upon being rescued by the humans, and recaptured by Aquamarine, Peridot was pointed out and she explained how Gems were created over the last thousands of years, which White used as her starting point. She was allowed to leave when everyone else. After all, ... Pearl may be a Pearl, but she has an aptitude for math and science that the other Crystal Gems count on her to apply. She, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire find the colony and they decide to investigate, Peridot getting a feeling she should know these Gems. She did however looked through some possible options on her touch screens before she encountered the Jet Monster, who during the encounter deactivated her limb enhancers, and made them completely useless. That's us! I know it's canon that the Gems speak whatever language the episode airs in, but there's no guarantee they write the language the same way. Well, she could also be writing in whatever the written representation of the Gem language is, which might use up a lot more space than any of our language systems. WHAT WOULD SHE DO WITH IT? She finally snapped and flat out screamed right at White Diamond, going far enough to call her a clod right in her face, something even she found shocking herself sometime later. Amethyst. We then divide that number by the minutes spent writing and we should have Peridot's wpm! level 1. After talking to Chief and learning about her cut, she decides to stay for the night, having Lapis pass the message back to the others. Peridot: Umbreon is a Defensive Wall, 60 Special Attack, 65 Speed and Attack, 95 HP. During her attempts at this, she was confronted by a Cluster Gem. Now that Lapis and Peridot will be sharing the barn together, Peridot tries to get on Lapis's good side by trying to make things up to her due to interrogating her in the past as well as helping imprison her on the ship. When they got in, Peridot went apart from the group, joining a few others in order to get the Mane Six, Connie, and Steven out of the Human Zoo. Peridot types very fast (about 120-140 wpm). I am going to assume, for this, Peridot was typing the entire time (seem like a Peridot thing to do). 4 years ago. It didn't take her very long before she began to grow suspicious over the current leader, Junsui, and with the problems involving the Umakumo, though she still put it in question why Ion would want distrust towards Junsui, the current leader. She tried to use the Portal Key, but that didn't work, and once she found Sombra again in Beach City, she demanded the return of the Warp Pad. She ended up captured by the creature, and in the end only able to be saved when she and Lapis Lazuli fused together, and broke out themselves. Unfortunately she ended up captured by White Diamond once she ended up in science lab. and Me!! If that's the case, she must've improved her typing style a lot since Log Date. If you look up how many words are in a page, most sources (words to page converters, a couple QA sites) say that there are 250 to 300 words per page of 12-point double-spaced on average. PAULETTE IS A CLODDY CLODDING CLOD WITH CLOD FOR BRAINS AND CLOD FOR A FACE AND CLOD CLOD CLOD CLOD CLOD CLOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really bad news. She managed to escape with the others, getting her Gem healed by Steven Universe upon returning.